All Projects Currently on Hiatus


Gentle reader,

Unfortunately, a recent power surge has completely destroyed my main computer. Since it had just about everything on there (including all Ren’Py project documents, assets, planning, and scripts), I will be taking a leave of absence from the visual novel development scene in order to recover/recreate all of my important files – with visual novels taking a back seat to things I need for school and work plus other personal documents.

My apologies,


Project Revealed! – Patchwork Girl



Patchwork Girl is a small kinetic novel about the friendship between two children in the near future – one of whom just so happens to be an experimental robot. Though they eventually are torn from each other, there still remains a thread that connects the two of them.


Check it out at the link above on Lemmasoft! Otherwise, expect to see some new (exclusive!) posts here during the development stage.