Sunny South Seoul



(WIP Title Screen)

While similar to The Death of Mrs. Macey in its focus on family, Sunny South Seoul–set in the eponymous city–differs greatly in tone and atmosphere. Instead of an inevitable conclusion of life and how important endings are to one’s life story, this game focuses more on new beginnings and has an open ending.

You control Ji-hoon Choi, a middle-aged divorcee whose service along the DMZ in his youth left him with a pension and no outward sense of humor, whose ex-wife suddenly dies in a traffic accident–leaving him to take care of his son and his ex-wife’s illegitimate daughter by himself.

With the help of his landlady and a good dose of compassion, Ji-hoon might just be able to give these children–and himself–a new family.

As of right now, this game is still in the development stage and is not available for public download.

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