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Gentle reader,

Unfortunately, a recent power surge has completely destroyed my main computer. Since it had just about everything on there (including all Ren’Py project documents, assets, planning, and scripts), I will be taking a leave of absence from the visual novel development scene in order to recover/recreate all of my important files – with visual novels taking a back seat to things I need for school and work plus other personal documents.

My apologies,


2 thoughts on “All Projects Currently on Hiatus

  1. I hope you can recover your stuff fine, I’m sure you probably already know of all the recovery utilities that you can find online, hopefully one of those will help!

    You might have heard the advice already, but it’s apparently important that, whatever you do, you don’t write anything on the HD you’re trying to recover files from, in case those are overwritten.

    Good luck! Particularly with your work and school files!

  2. Oh my God, this is horrible. I wish you luck on recovering all of our data, and not just the visual novel stuff. Losing those files can be devastating. I hope you and your computer can make a full recovery.

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